Month: February 2018

Progress, a step at a time

We have recently received the seismic evaluation of our existing building. Now we’re working with a contractor to obtain some rough cost estimates and a prioritization scheme for the recommended improvements. While none of the improvements are required, UUFC decision-makers may wish to implement some of the consultant’s suggestions. Of course the new portions of the building will be built in compliance with current seismic code.

Our architects expect to submit the land use application for our new addition to the City of Corvallis soon, as they work through the final details of a complete application. Some mis-communication among City departments has resulted in a slight delay, and we’re working with them to clarify the issue.

So far, we have received the following information, which is posted in the online UUFC File Cabinet:

  • Soils Engineering Report
  • Property survey
  • Seismic Evaluation Report

You can find the File Cabinet under the dropdown “About Us” menu on the main webpage, or click this link.

Also, we will have Building Design Team members available one Sunday a month, after the 11 am service, to discuss, answer questions, and record input.  Please watch the weekly newsletters for the next date.